About Working Together

Albion Restoration Headquarters was founded on the belief that in a healthy community, anyone can participate in change by informing and inspiring others. The most successful movements have always been born out of and held together by the bonds of real community relationships, and online social networks present never before seen opportunities for organizing. We strive to build ialbion.org for people to mobilize their friends for collective action, spread the word to friends and acquaintances, and eventually launch movements that span real discussions for local impact for the rebirth of Albion into A self-reliant community. Promoting local entrepreneurship helping and working together to put the town back together.  Rebuilding a community for the 21st century leaving behind opportunities for the next generation. Promoting urban farming and organic farming for better health and laying the blueprint for a leed certified town. While training local citizens for new jobs in what will be the new job market. Because we believe there are infinite ways to positively impact our community, anyone can create an advocacy group on ialbion.org.  We strive for equal opportunity activism. Which means that nonprofits and concerned individuals share the same level-playing field? Unlike other models that favor organizations with large budgets, causes rise and fall based on how well leaders organize and keep their communities engaged and mobilized. There is no one way to measure one’s success: a cause can spread awareness to a new demographic, teach users how to make changes in their daily lives, raise money to reach important goals, or encourage people to share personal stories and find support. Whether you are an activist who wants to stop genocide or a nonprofit that promotes literacy, ialbion.org can be your platform. It is a tool to help people go from caring about issues to doing something to make change. Anyone can change the world. And bring back the foundation of the Methodist belief God and Science.